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What are scammers?
Just like in real life, the virtual life must be lived carefully, as we know that not all members have the best intentions.

Scammer are people that try to make you transfer money to them.

You must be aware that they are only after one thing: your money. So, the best advice we give you is to NEVER SEND MONEY!

Anyway, if you are determined to send a member money, we strongly advice to:

- Ask her passport copy;

- Always ask women to let you see them in the webcam, so this will help you to be sure about what person you are talking to.

- Don't forget to ask for the phone number, so that you can be sure from what country she is talking to.

- Ask for all the details you can, such as home address, then try to "google" it.

How can I recognize a scammer?
You can be sure that all scammers ask for money, but all members that ask for money are scammers. So, you should be clever to know how to differ one from the other.

With some years of experience we have noticed some standard procedures, such as:

- Can in just a few hours of conversation convince you that is totally in love by you;

- They normally have photos that look like photo models or actress;

- Avoid being contacted by phone;

- The person is very often online but claims to have no money for the internet.

How to prevent from being deceived by a scammer?
You can for example go to the member's country instead of asking her to come to yours, since you would have to afford all the traveling expenses and be exposed to be scammer.

We do know that the reality for all the countries are not the same. This difference can result in a member that earns 30 euro, 200 euro per month, for example. So, it can be that you really like a member and that you can give her presents and all the things you desire to make her happy, but you must be aware that the most common requests made by scammer are:

- purchase of flight ticket
- purchase of visa
- purchase of mobile phone
- to buy birthday present for themselves
- to buy presents for christmas
- expenses for medical care (needed operation) for themselves or relatives
- no money for studying
- no money for living
- no money for internet
- no money for webcam

How to report a member as a scammer?
The best way to report a potential scammer (fraud) is using the "Complain" button that you find in the detailed profile of the member you want to report.

To report by this button helps us to manage complaints about members.

Anyway, you can always send us an e-mail with all the complaint content to our e-mail address that you find in the "Contact us" main menu.

What is the "Nigeria Connection"?
There is no real "Nigeria Connection" organization but from Nigeria come many highly organized criminals that have the aim to get money from honest and easy believing people.
They try to get money in many ways.

One very famous is "My uncle died and on his bank account is 15. million dollars. I need to pay 10.000 dollars to the bank so I can get the money. So of course you will get part of the 15. million dollar if you help me." But they try also to get money from people that are searching for a new partner in life. Asking for money for flight ticket, visa, health care, mobile phones, computers etc.

To protect yourself is simple: Don't send any money to people you never have met in real! That money will be lost to 99%!

How does an e-mail from "Nigeria Connection" look like?
On dating sites they look similar like any other girl or woman that would like to have boyfriend or husband.
Specially you should be suspicious if someone is registered as originated in USA, UK, Malaysia, China and suddenly appears to be in Africa for business or vacation.
Also you should look out for phone numbers from Nigeria that starts with +234.

Further information you can find here:

(english) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advance-fee_fraud

(german) http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vorschussbetrug

(french) http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraude_4-1-9

(spanish) http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estafa_nigeriana

(english) www.419eater.com/html/user_subs/konrad/fun_with_peter.htm

(german) www.nigeria-connection.de

What can I do when me or another member gets molested?
Our Team hopes that all members will come together and learn to enjoy our service and above all, we wish that you will really find a great love here.

Therefore, we do not support member's actions that harass other users on our platform. This is also clearly reflected in our terms and conditions (AGB).

Starting from the premise that behind every profile connected to our site there is a human being with free will and various intentions, it is likely that we will, from time to time, face users with bad intentions, just like it is in our "real life".

If you have faced such bad members, we advise you to use the "Block" function as it allows you to stop immediately any communication with the undesired member. In order to know how to use this function, please look at this FAQ, topic "Block", question "How to block a member?"

Also, when, unfortunately, you have the displeasure to find such undesirable member, we would like to ask you to report his behavior in the name of the site security. In order to report a member, please follow the procedure described at this FAQ topic "Scammer/Fraud" question "How to report a member as a scammer". Be sure that the harasser will never know about your complain.

A very important advice is to NEVER send money to any person you have met online, but not in person. Take time to visit the first-lady. Therefore, have fun traveling to meet the person in real and this will avoid money loss. This is especially true if you only know each other for a short period.

When on Internet ambiance always use the principle: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Do not allow to be deceived! The usual fraud are: request for money for payments for medical treatment, visa fees, flight tickets, attorney's fees for divorces and other pretexts.